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AGA ER3 Series 90 Electric Cooker With Cast-Iron Hotplate & Induction Hob

Discover the unparalleled cooking experience of the AGA ER3 Series 90. With its cast iron construction and innovative heat storage technology, this cooker delivers consistent, delicious results every time. Elevate your kitchen with timeless elegance and superior performance.


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AGA ER3 Series 90 Electric Cooker With Cast-Iron Hotplate & Induction Hob


  • The AGA eR3 Series 90 features two cast-iron heat storage ovens – one for baking and roasting, the other for simmering
  • As well as a tall warming oven that’s ideal for warming plates or resting food ahead of serving.
  • At just 90cm wide, but with the capacity to cater for a crowd, this model is ideal for kitchens limited by space, and it requires no servicing, plinth or flue, so it’s easy to install and run.

A highly efficient hotplate

Heats up in only 10 to 12 minutes and has two settings: simmering or boiling.

A state-of-the-art induction hob

With a bridging feature for use with a griddle or fish kettle.


  • Width 900 (mm)
  • Height 913 (mm)
  • Depth 634 (mm)
  • Weight 300kg
  • 1 Year Labour & 5 Years Manufacturer’s Parts Warranty
  • 3 Ovens
  • Simmering Oven
  • Roasting/Baking Oven
  • Warming Oven
  • Boiling/Simmering Plate
  • Programmer/Timer
  • 2 Induction Zones
  • Induction Bridging Feature
  • Roasting/Baking Oven Height 250 (mm)
  • Roasting/Baking Oven Width 350 (mm)
  • Roasting/Baking Oven Depth 474 (mm)
  • Roasting/Baking Capacity 38.5L
  • Simmering Oven Height 250 (mm)
  • Simmering Oven Width 350 (mm)
  • Simmering Oven Depth 474 (mm)
  • Simmering Oven Capacity 38.5L
  • Warming Oven Height 575 (mm)
  • Warming Oven Width 287 (mm)
  • Warming Oven Depth 527 (mm)
  • Warming Oven Capacity 77.1L
  • Electrical Requirements 32amp

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