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Big Green Egg AC6441 Extra Large The Big Green Egg Rotisserie

The only original Big Green Egg Rotisserie is available for Large and XL EGGs. It features a powerful but quiet 220V – 240V motor that will consistently and evenly turn food over the flame. A coated steel ring attachment seals the EGG for optimal heat and flavour retention.

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Big Green Egg AC6441 Extra Large The Big Green Egg Rotisserie


  • Thanks to the heat retention of the EGG’s ceramics, it’ll allow you to cook meat and poultry to crisp-edged, juicy-fleshed perfection – so this year’s Christmas turkey could be your best ever.
  • But it’s just as effective for spit-roasting whole fish, large vegetables such as squash and cauliflowers, or even fruits such as pineapples. It can be used to cook both directly and indirectly.

A World Of Possibilities

One of the main characteristics of a Rotisserie is the steady drip of delicious fats and juices that fall from the spit as it turns. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to set up your EGG to make the most of this flavoursome drizzle while turning out starters, sides or sauces.

For this, you’ll need an EGGspander System Multi-Level Rack, which will sit below the Rotisserie. You can either cook directly – grilling a flatbread, for example – or, by adding a smaller Baking Stone, you can create an indirect cook, perfect for roasting vegetables or turning those drips into gravy.

Comes With:

  • 1 x Rotisserie for the Large Big Green Egg
  • 1 x 2 Level Multi-Level Rack for the Large EGGspander system
  • 1 x MiniMax Baking Stone
  • 1 x MiniMax Stainless Steel Grid


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