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Gaggenau AL200180 200 series 80cm Table Ventilation

The Gaggenau AL200180 table ventilation system offers powerful, discreet extraction, seamlessly integrating into your kitchen’s design. Its advanced technology ensures efficient removal of cooking vapours and odours, enhancing your cooking experience.

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Gaggenau AL200180 200 series 80cm Table Ventilation


  • Perfect cooking and ventilation combination with frameless induction cooktops for flush mounting in a single worktop cut-out.
  • Elevate your kitchen’s allure with a captivating glow that adds a touch of brilliance to your culinary adventures, transforming your cooking space into a captivating haven of culinary inspiration.
  • Extendable table ventilation, when not in use can be completely lowered into the worktop. Perfect cooking and ventilation combination with frameless induction cooktops 80 cm wide for flush mounting in a single worktop cut-out.

Transparent Ventilation Screen

Discreet and unseen, the new table ventilation 200 series only emerges when required. Available in 80 cm and 90 cm, the transparent screen with ambient lighting is astonishingly effective and can be controlled via the compatible cooktops and even control itself via its air quality sensors.

Guided Air Technology Ensures High Vapour Catch

The table ventilation utilises Guided Air technology; additional air flow behind the screen that captures more vapour in front of the screen. This innovation increases the air extraction, from pans anywhere on the cooktop.

Home Connect

The growing number of connected home appliances will enable the private chef to gain more control over their time and kitchen. Aside from the benefits Home Connect offers, such as remote control and diagnostics, the platform offers a variety of functions specifically developed for each appliance.


  • Width 800 (mm)
  • Height 250 (mm)
  • Depth 140 (mm)
  • 2 Years Manufacturer’s Parts & Labour Warranty
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Performance and noise level, output level 3/Intensive:
  • Air output according to EN 61591. Sound power level according to EN 60704-3
  • Air extraction:
  • 501 / 775m³/h
  • 62 / 70 dB (A) re 1 pW
  • Air recirculation (with standard activated filters):
  • 447 / 562m³/h
  • 65 / 70 dB (A) re 1 pW
  • White ambient lighting thru the glass edges, which can be changed to any colour via the Home Connect App
  • Automatic function with sensor-controlled run-on function
  • 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive mode
  • Grease filter saturation indicator
  • Activated charcoal filter saturation indicator
  • 2 large-scale metal grease filters included, easy to remove and dishwasher-safe
  • Overflow capacity 170 ml in grease filter
  • Additional capacity 600 ml in the remote fan unit
  • Activated charcoal filter easily removable from above for air recirculation system
  • Gaggenau Black anodised aluminium frame
  • 1 user interface to set the power levels and 1 user interface to control the Guided Air technology
  • Fan technology with highly efficient, brushless DC motor (BLDC)
  • Flexible installation of the fan unit at the front (for a compact wall solution), at the back (without loss of drawer space), or at a distance from the appliance
  • Selected digital services (Home Connect)
  • Cooktop-based ventilation control (with suitable cooktop)
  • Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) wireless via WiFi
  • Energy consumption 36.9 kWh/year
  • Ventilation efficiency class A
  • Grease filter efficiency class B
  • Sound level min. 39 dB / max. 62 dB normal mode
  • Total connected load 300 W
  • Connecting cable 1.3 m with plug
  • Power consumption standby/display off 0.4 W
  • Please check the user manual for how to switch off the WiFi module

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