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Gozney Dough Tray

Elevate your pizza-making process with the Gozney Dough Tray. Designed to streamline dough preparation, its spacious surface provides ample room for kneading and proofing. Keep your workspace organised and efficient.

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Gozney Dough Tray


Create incredible dough. The Gozney® Dough Tray helps your dough proof and ferment in the ideal environment with an airtight seal, pressure release valve, and temperature gauge for maximum control over the proofing process. Made with quality construction and premium materials so you can develop delicious flavor and textures. Includes a removable, non-stick silicone dough ball holder to make removing round dough balls easy.

Dimensions:  450mm (17.7”) 350mm (13.7”) 80mm (3.15”) D


  • Provides the perfect environment for rising, flavour, and texture of pizza dough
  • Airtight gasket seal
  • Pressure release valve
  • Temperature dial for maximum control over the proofing process
  • Removable silicone dough ball tray for developing great shape and easy removal
  • Crystal-clearthermal-resistant and durable lid
  • Durable, lightweight base
  • Fits in most home refrigerators

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