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OFYR Storage Insert PRO Large

The OFYR Inserts PRO have been specially designed for the various units of the OFYR PRO collection. With these beautifully finished teak inserts you transform the storage space of OFYR furniture into a fully-fledged open or closed cabinet. This way your storage unit will look organised and classy.


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OFYR Storage Insert PRO Large


  • The OFYR Inserts PRO can be easily mounted directly into the storage.
  • Alternatively they can be mounted and inserted afterwards, this may cause scratches on the black coated appliances.
  • The teak wood is oiled on delivery and needs to be re-oiled regularly.


  • Dimensions: 61,5 x 124,5 x 56,5 cm
  • Material: Teak Wood
  • Total Weight: 15,5 kg

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