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OFYR XL Corten

All OFYR cooking units are built to a professional specification, but this super-sized model is specially suited to catering for larger groups. With a diameter of 150cm there is space for two chefs to work simultaneously and serve up to 150 persons. For even more versatility an optional XL grill and other OFYR grill accessories are available.


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OFYR XL Corten


  • The XL-line offers a very large cooking surface, suitable for professionals who cook for large groups.
  • Due to the size and weight of this cooking unit, it is difficult to move. For event caterers, the OFYR Trailer is a recommended alternative.
  • Foresee enough wood. By making 3 separate fires in the cone, the plate gets up to temperature relatively quickly.
  • Not all OFYR accessories are available for the XL version.
  • The soft cover and Snuffer are available.


  • SKU: O-XL
  • Weight Plate: 126 kg
  • Cooking Surface: 1,28 m²
  • Diameter Plate: 150 cm
  • Dimensions: 149 x 149 x 108 cm
  • Dimensions Base: 77 x 77 x 62 cm
  • Material: Corten Steel
  • Total Weight: 230,5 kg

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