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V-Zug V6000 CoffeeCenter 45 60cm Black Mirror Glass Coffee Machine

The CoffeeCenter V6000 features a high-quality grinder, a patented brewing process and barista-like milk frothing. For a coffee experience unlike any other.

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V-Zug V6000 CoffeeCenter 45 60cm Black Mirror Glass Coffee Machine


  • Easy to clean – Automatic cleaning and descaling – The CoffeeCentre V6000 features an automatic cleaning and descaling program. The milk system remains separate. All users need to do is wipe down the machine.
  • Easy to operate – Intuitive full-colour display – The CoffeeCentre V6000’s intuitive display is easy to operate: The options are displayed as large icons and can be selected at the touch of a button.

Simple and Sophisticated Design

Timeless design, a high-quality grinding mechanism and perfect pressures achieved during the patented brewing process. V-ZUG’s automatic coffee machine offers a coffee experience unparalleled in both simplicity and sophistication. As a built-in appliance, it blends seamlessly into any kitchen, saving valuable countertop space.

Invariably Irresistible Coffee

An automatic coffee machine designed for discerning coffee lovers. Up to six user profiles can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button. Flat white, Americano or Doppio: Cup size and strength of a wide variety of coffee specialities can be personalised and saved as favourites. For exquisite coffee, every time.

Milk Frothed to Perfection

The integrated milk frother allows users to prepare barista-style cappuccinos, latte macchiatos or caffè lattes. The double-walled thermal milk container keeps the milk cool for a long time, regardless of whether it is stored in or out of the fridge. For fresh and creamy milk froth.


  • Width 596 (mm)
  • Height 454 (mm)
  • Depth 480 (mm)
  • 2 + 8 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Energy efficiency: A
  • Front design: Black mirror glass
  • Empty weight: 24 kg
  • User Profile: 6
  • Display: Full-colour graphic display, touchscreen
  • Controls: TouchControl
  • 10 languages in display
  • Annual energy consumption: 64 kWh
  • Type of connection (1): 220-240 V~
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Connected loads: 1.35 kW
  • Fuse protection: 10 Amp Fuse
  • Connection cable: 1.5 m
  • 2 CoffeeCentre features
  • Removable hot water steam outlet
  • Coffee bean holder capacity: 350 g
  • Milk container capacity: 0.5 l
  • Waste grounds container capacity: 14
  • Grinder: Conical grinder
  • Programmable brewing temperature
  • Programmable operating time / switch-off time
  • Programmable water hardness
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Plate warming shelf
  • Telescopic rails soft closing/opening
  • Thermal milk container (Auto cappuccino): 0.5 l with 3 foam settings + cleaning
  • Drip guard
  • Water tank: 2.3 l
  • Adjustable grinder setting levels: 13
  • Height-adjustable dispensing head: 85-140 (mm)
  • Integrated cleaning programme
  • Programmable quantities
  • Powder / beans selection button
  • EcoStandby Functions
  • Integrated cleaning programme
  • 2 cups
  • Espresso macchiato
  • Flat White
  • Americano
  • Long
  • Doppio
  • Ristretto
  • Hot milk
  • Milk froth
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte Macchiato
  • Café Latte
  • Hot Water

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