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V-Zug V6000 VacuDrawer 14 60cm Black Mirror Glass Vacuum Drawer

The VacuDrawer V6000 vacuum seals foods for sous-vide cooking, portioning, preserving, storing and marinating. For a chef-like culinary experience.

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V-Zug V6000 VacuDrawer 14 60cm Black Mirror Glass Vacuum Drawer


  • Extended food storage – Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of fresh produce and prepared foods. They can be portioned, stored, marinated and resealed in a vacuum bag while protecting and preserving their sensory and nutritional properties.
  • Professional sous-vide cooking – Removing air and thus oxygen by means of vacuum sealing optimally prepares food for sous-vide cooking in the steamer using the Vacuisine function. The precision and gentleness of this automatic program allows users to reproduce restaurant-quality results at home.


  • Width 596 (mm)
  • Height 142 (mm)
  • Depth 547 (mm)
  • 2 + 8 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Front design: Black mirror glass
  • Handle: Push/pull
  • Volume: 7.8 l
  • Empty weight: 35 kg
  • Controls: TouchControl Energy
  • Type of connection (1): 220-240 V~
  • Frequency (1): 50-60 Hz
  • Connected loads (1): 0.32 kW
  • Fuse protection (1): 10 Amp
  • Kitchen drawer features
  • Stable telescopic fully extending runner
  • Drawer type: vacuum drawer
  • Suitable for liquids
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Vacuum-sealing levels for external vacuum-sealing: 3.0
  • Bag support – Vacuum levels: 4.0
  • Drawer runner lock
  • Bag clip
  • 3-stage sealing

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