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Bootroom - Lincolnshire

The Labrador Project

A functional utility project for a young family looking for the perfect balance between functional and stylish, bringing their love for the outdoors, home.

Inspired by the clients’ love for their dogs and their passion for walking, the outcome was a traditional utility room that served as a functional and charming space. Central to the design was the Englemere door, featuring exquisite antique brass handles and knobs from Hendel and Hendel. This door not only added a touch of classic elegance but also ensured durability to withstand the daily activities of dog ownership and the comings and goings of outdoor enthusiasts. The Breakfast Room Green paint by Farrow & Ball was the perfect choice to create a soothing atmosphere, evoking the tranquillity of nature that our clients cherished on their walks. Inside, we incorporated clever storage solutions for leashes, coats, and other dog-walking essentials, keeping everything neatly organised and easily accessible. The utility room became a seamless blend of functionality and style, with every detail carefully curated to enhance the space’s usability. From the antique brass handles to the charming Englemere door, the room exuded warmth and character. As the family step into their new utility room, they are greeted by a space that not only meets their practical needs but also infuses them with a sense of calm and natural beauty.

"We are a family that loves being outside, and we wanted our house accommodate that and represent our passion for nature - and our dreams have come true with this space" The Labrador Project

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