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Modern Kitchen - United Kingdom

The Larch Project

The client's brief for this bespoke kitchen design project was nothing short of visionary, aiming to marry cutting-edge functionality with unparalleled aesthetics. Tasked with crafting a space that seamlessly integrates innovation and luxury, the designer was challenged to create a German-inspired masterpiece that transcends traditional kitchen paradigms.

With a focus on precision engineering and exquisite craftsmanship, the kitchen features moving parts and spinning doors, elevating the user experience to new heights. The centrepiece of the design is an extended quartz-top island, serving as both a focal point and a functional hub for culinary endeavours. Leveraging the finest German engineering, the mechanisms within the kitchen exemplify quality and reliability, ensuring seamless operation for years to come. Drawing inspiration from pioneering materials, what resulted was a curated  selection of intricate and heavily patterned elements, juxtaposed against the pristine white exteriors to evoke a sense of refined opulence. Whether showcased as an exhibition of beauty with cupboards spun open, or exuding a sleek and minimalist aesthetic with doors shut, this kitchen embodies the epitome of sophistication and innovation, setting a new standard in modern culinary design.

"It's like having a piece of innovative art right in our own space!" The Larch Project

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